A guy in Montreal got a ticket for singing in his car C & C Music Factory's "Everybody Dance Now." Apparently everybody can dance, not so much sing according to the police in Canada.

We all know C & C Music Factory's hit "Everybody Dance Now." This is the moment where everybody starts dancing around, and tries to hit that high note that I don't think anyone is able to hit, other than the woman who wasn't even featured in the music video (that's an actual fact). But don't tell that to Taoufik Moalla, who is an obvious fan of the 90's classic. Moalla says back in September, he was on his way to buy a water bottle and was driving in his car, jamming out to the song when he saw lights behind his vehicle. He told CTV Montreal,

“I was thinking they wanted to pass, but they called on the speaker, ‘Please go to the right side. I stopped and four police came, two on each side, and checked the inside of the car. Then they asked me if I screamed. I said, ‘No, I was just singing.’”

He said he was presented by the cop a ticket for a whopping $149 for screaming in public. The craziest part about this is that the starting fine is only $50, but can go up to $100 to $2,000 for subsequent infractions. Moalla says he's shocked by the decision to give him the ticket for his singing,

“I don’t know if my voice was very bad and that’s why I got the ticket, but I was very shocked. I understand if they are doing their job, they are allowed to check if everything’s okay, if I kidnapped someone or if there’s danger inside but I would never expect they would give me a ticket for that.”

He says he will be fighting the ticket.

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