No word from King T'Challa on how Wakanda will react, or if the Black Panther will be meeting with Trump. Also, this is true which is amazing.

While the title of this article may sound like a joke, it's some bad news for Americans who want to get some vibranium. According to NBC, Wakanda is no longer a free trade agreement partner of the United States. The U.S. Department of Agriculture had the fictional African nation listed on its Agricultural Tariff Tracker hundreds of times for various commodities. While you would assume vibranium would be the most valued trade item from the African nation, there is a large variety of items that Wakanda has on the list to trade. Some of the commodities include essential oils, livestock, produce, and more. Some of the imported items to Wakanda include potatoes, cows, and even Chinese water chestnuts, according to the Washington Post.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Agriculture confirmed Wakanda's presence on the list and said a staffer at the USDA put the country on there as a test file while testing out the system. Since the story broke online, Wakanda was removed from the list leaving many wondering if our next trade war will bring the Blank Panther to the White House's doorstep.

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