It seems like more cities are telling people to stay inside and quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch "VelociPastor" if you need to waste an hour. While spending the weekend finding activities to entertain myself during the COVID-19 outbreak, I stumbled upon this ironic gem of a film. With a budget of $35,000 it's not surprising that many elements of the film seem to be less than blockbuster caliber. Within the first five minutes of the film you see they're unable to get any special effects for a car fire. But trust me, it gets better (or worse depending on your opinion) from there. From the hilarious one liners ("Cuz you're swimming in bitches!") to the strange plot you can't help but watch in confusion and admiration for whoever would make this dumpster fire of glory. Mark my words, "VelociPastor" will be a cult classic, similar to Tommy Wiseau's "The Room."

After talking about "VelociPastor" this morning on the Buzz Adams Morning Show, one of our listeners let us know that "VelociPastor 2" is happening! According to Movie Web, director Brendan Steere has begun working on the "VelociPastor 2" script. No word if any of the original cast will be coming back, or what the new story will be about but if it's anything like the original film, fans are going to love it!