A New Mexico police department posted a hilarious form asking drug dealers to turn in any competition that may be stealing their clients. Tucumari, a small northeastern city in New Mexico is going viral online for the hilarious way they want to help rid the city of drug dealers. On a post on the Tucumcari Police Department's Facebook Page, the department says they have a way for you to grow your business by eliminating the competition. All you have to do? Turn in your competitors! The post does acknowledge that maybe drug dealers and police officers don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but they're working on "community relations." One way to do that is through helping out local entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and even take out their competion:

"Do you have a competitor who is stealing your clients? Would your pockets be that much fatter if they weren’t around? You’re in luck! Answer the following questions and return the form to us at your convenience, and we will assist in their apprehension"

The Tucumari Police Department says they are offering their services free of charge and anyone with questions about the form can give them a call so they can help them fill it out. While you may think the form is fake, they even wrote in on the end of the page that it isn't. But I assume if you still want some clarification, you can give them a call at the number listed.

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