While there are many makeup tutorials on Youtube, this new video filmed by a woman in El Paso is one of my favorites. We can see beautiful women putting makeup on themselves or their equally as gorgeous friends, or we can see this dad getting beautified by his daughter.

Cecilia Chavez of El Paso posted a video on her Youtube page of her putting a full face on her unknowing father. The video starts with her explaining her intention and turning on the lights so she can begin working on the mustached man. The entire time she's working on his face, her father is peacefully snoring away with no idea how beautiful he is becoming.

After about thirty minutes of hard work, her masterpiece is done. Her father now has glittery eyelids, highlighted cheekbones, fluttery fake lashes, and the perfectly colored pout. She decided to wake him up so he can see her work, and the rest of her family is gleefully laughing at his confusion. He finally finishes the video by telling "don't put me on Facebook." Well, sorry dad but her beautiful work needed to be appreciated! Since she posted the video to Facebook, it was almost 6,000 views, 100 shares, and 50 comments. Check out her hilarious video above and maybe if you're lucky, she can give your dad or the male in your life the makeover he never knew he needed.

Youtube User Cecilia Chavez
Youtube User Cecilia Chavez

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