Let's all take a walk down the tortured memory lane of the time Ozzy Osbourne was probably forced to do a Christmas song with Jessica Simpson. 2003 was a weird time for us. We were still in the middle of Harry Potter mania and the fifth book in the series just dropped, Michael Jackson had been arrested for suspicion of child molestation, one of Siegfried & Roy's prized white tigers mauled Roy, and reality tv was still dominating. MTV had moved on from music on television to musicians just on tv. The Osbournes were a massive hit, and the station had just premiered The Newlyweds with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey which would be another hit for the channel. To celebrate the holidays, MTV decided to force some of their talents to hang out together in what would be one of the most awkward Christmas specials in history. And that's saying something.

For the 2003 Osbourne Christmas special, random celebrities "stopped by" like Brendan Fraser, Mike Meyers, Britney Spears and Rob Zombie (the only one we really think is friends with the Osbournes). Even worse than the Christmas special? The cringe-worthy music video for the Ozzy Osbourne and Jessica Simpson duet "Winter Wonderland." Almost every Christmas cliche is used in this video, and it even features cameos from Sharon Osbourne and Tony Iommi. The song isn't one of the best covers out there (I don't think it would even make the top 20) but it is memorable for being so bad. Check out the video above and remember a simpler time, when we could at least pretend that Jessica Simpson and Ozzy Osbourne were friends. AT least for entertainment purposes.

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