In case you're wondering what to get your love for Valentine's Day, here is what people are Googling for the holiday of love. Valentine's Day is this Thursday and many Americans are struggling to figure out what they are going to give their loved ones this holiday. The website, Satellite Internet, looked through Google analytics to see what things various states were looking up on the holiday for love. They broke it down to see  17 states had food on the brain, 12 got all romantic and sweet and more! Some were normal, loving suggestions, while some were funny and others weird.

In New Mexico, residents of the Land of Enchantment were looking up "Red Lobster," which hopefully means they're looking for a romantic evening with their lovers surrounded by candles and delicious cheddar bay biscuits.

In Texas, people were looking for "Dirty Valentine's Poems" that will hopefully be going to someone with a nice present. If not, well, at least their lover will know what they're looking for Valentine's night. Which is sex?

Other honorable mentions would be Valentine's Day Makeup, Russell Stover, Edible Arrangements, Valentine's Day quotes, chocolate shops, cheese fondue recipes, and Valentine's Day deals. Good job to those states! But then things started to get really weird. In Arizona and Tennesse, venereal disease was the top search,  Florida and California were looking up Friendship Day, Kansas residents were looking up "Broken Heart Syndrome," Maine residents wanted "The Bachelor," and other states just wanted to find food. Top restaurant searches included more Red Lobster, Outback Steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse, Hooters, The Melting Pot, Golden Corral and more. In Idaho and Wyoming, people are still looking for their Valentine's dates with "Bumble" and "Tinder" taking the top search spots. To look at the full US map of Valentine's searches and the methodology, see the website Satellite Internet.

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