Gender reveals have gotten out of hand people. Check out these wacky ways couple have announced if they're having a boy or a girl. Over the past few years, gender reveal parties have become the norm for many women expecting a child. While some announce the sex of their child cutting into a cake, releasing balloons, or some other traditional form during a gender reveal, other couples want to be different. And by different, we mean extravagant, excessive, overblown, overdone and just unnecessary gender reveals. Check out this list of some of the insane gender reveals:

Alabama Firetruck Gender Reveal

For these two volunteer firefighters, they decided to enlist some of their fellow firefighters to help them make the big announcement. Terry and Aaron Moore used the firetruck to spray either blue for boy or pink for a girl for their gender reveal. The truck sprayed pink which means the happy couple is having a girl!

Michigan Police Dog Gender Reveal

This Michigan couple decided to announce the sex of the twin babies they were expecting by enlisting the help of the father's partner at the local police department. The partner then proceeded with a mock search and the smoke that was released would be blue or pink, but it ended up being both since the couple is expecting one of each.

Tank the Hippo and a Watermelon Reveal

This Texas couple went to the Capitol of Texas Zoo and enlisted the help of Tank the hippo for their reveal. They threw a watermelon filled with either blue or pink Jell-O into the hippo's mouth and when he bit down, it revealed the sex of the baby. Looks like they're expecting a baby boy.

Nebraska Combine Gener Reveal

In case you're not familiar, a combine is a machine used for harvesting grain, so it's not surprising that this Nebraska gender reveal used one. This couple borrowed a combine from a familiay member and the machine threw pink flurries into the air, showing the excited couple they will be having a girl.

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