The American military- they protect us but can also put us all to shame by their drinking abilities. A lesson Icelandic bars had to learn the hard way. The largest NATO exercise since the 1980s, Trident Juncture 18, is coming to a close. From October 25th to November 7, about 50,000 participants from 31 NATO and partner countries gather in Norway, Iceland, airspace in Finland and Sweden plus parts of the Northern Atlantic and Baltic Sea. Their objective is to make sure forces are trained to operate together and be ready to respond to any threats.

The training started off in Iceland's capital city of Reykjavík and soldiers quickly showed the people of Iceland we don't mess around when it comes to beer. Soldiers went straight to the bars and proceeded to start drinking every beer they could find. One by one, bars starting running out of brews and were looking at other locations to help fill the supply. Unfortunately, those other bars were being dried up by the soldiers and they couldn't help. Lucky for the bars and the soldiers, one brewery was able to step up to the plate and start making emergency shipments of beer to the ravaged city still full of thirsty Americans. The ships finally left the capital and people could finally breathe a sigh of relief. According to the Military Times, there are were no reports of drunken shenanigans from soldiers while in Iceland so Americans were able to handle their booze. My only question for the country of Iceland, did you learn nothing from the World Cup?

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