Why? Why not is a better question! A guy from Texas spent 20 years getting celebrities to say "Floyd Lloyd rocks." And here is the result. People have always been obsessed with celebrities and getting something to show others that they really met them. From autographs, selfies with them and everything in between celebrity encounters have always been documented by the adoring fans. One guy from Texas did something unique and was able to get something different from the random celebrities he ran in to over the years.

Floyd Lloyd is a man from Texas who back in 2000 ran into Nick Nolte at the Sundance Film Festival. Lloyd decided to get Nick on camera saying something to him, and the saying "Floyd Lloyd rocks," was the first thing that came to mind for the Texan. After that initial encounter, a new concept was born for him. He then decided to get all the celebrities that he could uttering those words and he was surprisingly able to many times. Check out the video to see all the various celebrities like Juliette Lewis, Ron Jeremy and more.


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