A bar in Houston had a stroke of genius after a woman went viral for drinking wine out of a Pringles can in a Walmart parking lot. We all heard this week about the woman who went viral for riding a scooter around a Walmart parking lot while drinking wine out of a Pringles can. The incident went viral and many were shocked to find out that the woman wasn't arrested for her strange behavior. The incident has now inspired a bar to give us a new alcoholic creation to enjoy.

The Branch, a bar in Houston, has decided to honor the Walmart woman by serving wine in a Pringles can. For the bargain price of $3, you can get boxed Chablis or merlot (Franzia to be exact) served inside a Pringles can. No word on whether or not they clean out the can beforehand, or if they leave the remnants in the can. That flavorful dusting of the original Pringles chips probably brings out the flavorful hints in the wine. What we really want to know is what happens to the Pringles chips from the can! Do they get served on the side of the wine, or is there some lucky bartender in the back gorging themselves on chips?

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