If you own a sports car, then chances are your first thought was to take that bad boy up to a mountain road and let ‘er rip. We know images of wind in your hair as you fly around hairpin turns and handbrake those drifts like you just left the stunt crew of a ‘Fast & Furious’ film were running through your mind as you headed up to the mountains to test those brand new Pirelli tires.

But then reality hits — and you realize you actually suck at driving on mountain roads. As do most people who have never done autocross and don’t know how their vehicle actually reacts to strange turns at crazy speeds. Like the people in the video below.

Top Speed has a nice video up of Los Angeles drivers trying to scurry around Mulholland Dr., which is a lot of fun if you’ve ever been on it and you’ve got some awesome tires. And some awesome skills. But as you can see, most people don’t.

The point of the video is this: Don’t pedal stomp your car on mountain roads if you don’t know how to drive it. You not only risk your own safety, but the safety of others… And you look like a total jackass.

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