Crappiest First Car?
Our first cars were not what you would call panty-droppers. In fact, my first call was occasionally referred to as "chick repellent" and "birth control."
Speed Freaks Demonstrate How Not to Drive On Mountain Roads
If you own a sports car, then chances are your first thought was to take that bad boy up to a mountain road and let ‘er rip. We know images of wind in your hair as you fly around hairpin turns and handbrake those drifts like you just left the stunt crew of a ‘Fast & Furious’ film were running through your mind as you headed up to the mountains to test those brand new Pirelli tires. But then re
A Four-Seat Lamborghini Aventador? Say It Ain’t So!
If you’ve ever driven a supercar like a Lamborghini, then you know this — they’re incredible fast and there isn’t enough room for a passenger and a bag of groceries much less two more human beings. Is Lamborghini going to build a four-seat version of Aventador supercar...
Holy Wet Bikini Batmobile Car Wash, Batman!
The minds behind the web series Super Power Beat Down know their audience. Geeks love their comics, fast cars, lively debate and, oh yeah, chicks in bikinis. So why not give them a chick in a bikini washing a fast comic book car after a lively debate.
Watch This Terrifying Video of an Out of Control Lamborghini
Have you ever passed someone in a sports car, watched them rev the engine like a pompous jerk and find yourself thinking something maybe a bit off-color about them? Well, this video shows what we all wish would happen to that guy. In this case, the driver is behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, a yellow one. Yeah… a yellow Lamborghini. We know what you’re thinking and we agree.
Walmart Customer Brings Car in for Oil Change, Leaves With Satanic Curse
Is Walmart doing the devil’s bidding? Relax, we’re not talking about its associates policy or pricing strategies. A Forth Worth, Texas customer took her car in for an oil change at the retailer – is there nothing Walmart can’t do or sell, which would make it omnipotent and godlike?- and emerged with Satanic symbols on the undercarriage.
Hybrid Ferrari Is Revving Out Of Concept Stage And Into Our Car Dreams
Leave it to Ferrari to make the hybrid car phenomenon seem more panties-dropper than tree-hugger. The Enzo, which is totally into pulling a three-way with gas and electric power, always seemed like one of those concept cars that was more of an oddball pet project of some self-indulgent engineer than something that would ever pull up next to us on the road.

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