Last week, we were lucky to have the beautiful porn star Rachel Starr on the morning show to talk about anything and everything! We talked about her decorated career, dancing at the Red Parrot and even played a game of "How Much Hush Money To Sleep With This Politician?" Turns out she has a thing for salt and pepper hair gentlemen. While we chatted with the starlet, she let us in on a little secret when it comes to the promotional pictures used on the covers of movies sold in adult film stores.....


Sure, in the movie it is when the actors are doing the deed, but when the photos are created that grace the covers of the X-rated films, the whole thing is staged. So when you check out those epic "finisher photos," no finishing of any sort was actually done. At least at that moment. According to Starr, some movie "money shot magic" is done to achieve realistic results for the photos. She gave us the run down, telling us that over 2/3 (maybe a whole lot more she says) are faked or staged scenes. Which made us all wonder- so what do they layer on the ladies' faces?

Well, usually one of three very different things....

  • Cetaphil- this is the most widely used method of faking the finish. Multiple websites and porn blogs cite Cetaphil as the best option for making realistic man margarita. The consistency is a little thicker than normal so Rachel said they will usually mix in some water to create the genuine-looking genetic material.
  • Spunk- now this is an actual sexual lubricant product that is used in the porn industry and is made to look as similar as possible to a man's baby batter. For some reason though, porn sets don't use it as much as the method above.
  • Pina Colada mix- This was probably the weirdest method of all but Rachel said in Europe, pina colada mix is used a lot to create beautiful baby gravy. Rachel said this one is also her favorite because if any gets into the performer's mouth during the shoot, it tastes good and they can, well, for lack of a better term swallow it.

Once we heard of these weird methods to recreate a gentleman's relish, I started researching them more to see just how accurate Rachel's numbers were. Turns out, she was spot on! I should have known rather than to not believe someone who has obviously been a professional in this field for years. On the website Something Awful, I even found an article, "Confessions of a Pornograher" where Kevin Moore discussed how many cream pie scenes are staged. Moore is a full-time director and producer in the adult film industry and was a porn star himself. He told the site he has only shot one cream pie scene that was real,

"For creampies something similar to a turkey baster is filled with either Cetaphil or Pina Colada mix and interested into the vagina. It then comes out looking like an internal. For photos many times Cetaphil is used to fake the facial. Some producers use a setup with a thin clear tubing running underneath the penis that is attached to some sort of pump. The pump then dispenses pina colada mixture."

Who knew so much engineering went into a porn shoot?! There is an entire Reddit thread where they discuss the secrets of the porn industry and many performers and porn staff admit that the facials are fake. Also, if you're wondering where all the amazing names for the guy goo came from, check out Ed Uncovered. Well worth it.

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