It has been a long, hard battle but we finally have a winner for the hottest Marvel Mancrush of them all! And no......Buzz doesn't agree with us.  Welcome to April! With March ending, March Madness also comes to an end. It's been a rough few weeks for Lisa and Joanna, harsh words were said, tears were shed (mostly by Joanna) but we knew going into this, there had to be only one winner. When we last left, we had our final four ready. Chris Evans vs. Idris Elba and Chris Hemsworth vs. Andy Serkis.

In the Hemsworth/Serkis showdown, Hemsworth wins because while Andy Serkis’ star power is overwhelming, this is called “March MARVEL Madness.” Serkie’s Ulysses Klaue is indeed a scene stealer but he’s only in two MCU films. Hemsworth’s Thor has had MCU films revolve around him and his importance to the Avengers. In the Evans/Elba showdown Evans wins. He IS the first Avenger. And while Elba’s Heimdall gives us an unforgettable performance, I’m sure we’ll have a better chance to see Heimdall in upcoming Avengers’ films, it’s not his time right now.

It came down the battle of the Chrises! Evans and Hemsworth. It all comes down to the FIRST AVENGER. When looking at our criteria:
  1. Hotness- Yes, our final two Chris candidates are extremely drool-worthy, and Hemsworth has an accent, but Evans is just so wholesome.
  2. Physical Fitness- Chris Evans physical fitness level just seems to increase with every MCU film! Hemsworth is quite the hunk as well, but Joanna made a great argument, "yes Hemsworth is a hunk too, but Thor is a God, he was born with that body, Captain America was Steve Rogers before he became the Captain, he has a greater appreciation for his hunky body."
  3. Funny- Now, they’re both funny. We really get to see Thor’s funny bone in Ragnarok and also in the Ghostbusters reboot. But Evans has a longer list of funny films, “Not Another Teen Movie” and “Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World” it’s like Evans isn’t scared to make fun of himself.
  4. Star Power- A quick IMDB search will tell you that Evans has 10 more credits to his name. Also, Lisa has mentioned that Captain America may DIE in this next Avengers! If this is true, then naming Evans our Marvel Mancrush Master is the perfect sendoff to Captain America!
We both hope and pray that Captain America isn't going anywhere and we can enjoy looking at his handsome mug for many more movies to come, but if he does meet his untimely end thanks to Thanos, at least we know he was crowned our Marvel Mancrush before his passing. Plus, let's remember the beard that we all get to enjoy in Infinity War.....oh man that beard. Yeah, he's our winner.
Disney's D23 EXPO 2017
Getty Images for Disney

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