A Warrant Officer in the U.S. posted a photo of his MRE online and the photo blew up of people thinking the image on the front looked like the POTUS. Military and civilians alike are all talking about the newer packing on the Ready to Eat Meals, or MREs. Some are saying that a couple of familiar faces are featured on the cover of the meals. Army Warrant Officer D.J. Kremer was enjoying, or trying to, his barbeque MRE and decided to share a photo of his meal on his BBQ Facebook group. He posted the photo and friends in the group began commenting how the two people on the cover of the meal looked eerily familiar.

Many said that the person sitting on the left side looked similar to the outline of President Donald Trump. When looking at the figure's head, it can be seen why so many would think that the POTUS is the one featured in the photo but we don't know for sure. Another guess is that it's actually a soldier wearing a helmet stopping to sit and enjoy his meal. The theory as to who is sitting on the right is even crazier than the POTUS theory.

Some suggested that the other person sitting down could be Kanye West. The rapper and fashion mogul is known for having a friendly relationship with the President of the United States so it's not too far off to think that they could sit down together for a meal. Though it does seem more likely the two would chow down on some McDonald's than a military MRE. Looking at the photo above and the picture of the president, do you think it's Donald Trump on the front of the MREs? Find out more about this story at the Military Times.

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