This Nissin chicken ramen noodle commercial has been online for a couple months but is now going viral as the metal community is recognizing its genius. I never though I would mix the worlds of ramen noodles, adorable chickens and heavy metal into one but here comes the Nissin company blowing my mind with their ad campaign. When I first watched this ad, I assumed the chicken was just a really big fan of noddles and wanted to grow big and strong so he sacrificed his noodles to this demon-like god thing and next thing you know, the MCU had their newest supervillain for Iron Man to fight. Instead, the website Anime News Network broke down the story of the commercial that is available on the website but since I don't read Japanese, I'm going to take their version as the truth. The statue at the beginning is really a being called Akuma no Kimura. The Nissin noodle mascot Hiyoko-chan does a ritual to satisfy the mascot's desire for perfection. The being, Akuma no Kimura, is not an actual physical thing, but more of an idea or representation of the demon-like quality that exists in people. The little chicken starts chanting "super delicious," which turns into "hellishly delicious." From there he turns into this super buff, devil chicken "Caym." The website broke the commercial down ever more:

"The website further breaks down the ad's symbolism such as Caym's acceptance of the egg that leaped skyward, as if it were the sun and pouring the hot water kettle. Both elements are represented by opposing triangles to complete the yin and yang and thus, the order of the universe. The symbols also create hexagonal stars when combined, the symbol of King Solomon."

Pretty intense for a noodle commercial if you ask me. The end result is a "creation of a new world through darkness" and since the chicken changed and accepted the gifts, our food and table can change too. I really was just trying to appreciate how bad ass this random heavy metal commercial was with a cute chicken and some good noodles was. But hey, they got all deep on us and I actually enjoyed the backstory too. Check out the commercial for yourself above.

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