Check out this incredible video of an escaped baboon running for it from a Texas research facility. Four baboons escaped from the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas and ran for it and it was caught on camera. The chase was caught on camera by Dorian Reyna who put the video up on his Facebook page. According to the post,

"All of a sudden we see a couple guys running against traffic down W. military dr- and in front of them a baboon.. weird huh!? Well, what we found a concern was why are these people in scrubs and face masks chasing a baboon.. so then the monkey bust a u turn and runs back the other way- and he is fast a hell too!! So we tell the guys to jump in the back of the truck and start chasing the baboon back the other way. We cut him off- and he turns and hauls ass the opposite way! So there we go again- chasing the baboon the other way! People running around- screaming at This thing and chasing him. The monkey finally gets tired and just sits under a tree.....Moral of the story- keep your monkeys locked up. And i started looking up that area.. texas biochemical testing facility.. no wonder they were wearing masks.. good story for sure!"

The facility told WAFF that the baboons were captured and seen by medical staff at the research facility and are doing fine. They also said that the facility's primary focus is on safety for all, including the community and baboons. The facility said that the situation is now under control and the local community has nothing to worry about from the escaped baboons.

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