Check out the hilarious moment a Texas man decided to dress up as Frozone to surprise a movie theater before a screening of Incredibles 2. There has been a lot of anticipation and excitement for the new Incredibles sequel that has finally been released. Fans of the children movie have been flocking to theaters to see the movie and some are more excited than others. Eric Robertson Jr. of Huntsville, Texas decided to show fans at his local movie theater his excitement by dressing up as Incredibles superhero Frozone and walking in to recite his famous line. Eric strutted into the theater in the skintight ice blue and white outfit and yelled, "Honey, where is my supersuit?" The theater laughed at his ensemble as he strolled up the stairs. You can check out the humorous moment in the video below.

Since the video was posted on Twitter it immediately went viral and has now been viewed over 13 million times and retweeted almost 300,000 times. Twitter users loved Eric's enthusiasm in the role and his dedication to it, since he later visited a Chik-Fil-A dressed as the Pixar character. Twitter users were quick to respond stating that "this is what happens when you wait 14 years for a movie to be released." Another person asked if anyone responded with Frozone's wife's famously animated line "Why do you need to know?" Sadly, Eric told the Twitter user that he was disappointed when no one did. Another Twitter user said they were behind him and caught another angle of his grand entrance.

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