Back before Quinn was running radio stations in San Angelo, he pursued screenwriting, that was his career path, college, then Hollywood. For one reason or another it did not work out for him but recently he found some of his old movie and TV show ideas. Based on the plot alone, would you see his movies or TV show?

Seen Now Heard: (romantic comedy) Myles works for the CIA as a monitor, spying on people through their smartphones and cameras to try to stop terrorism. He falls in love with the girl he watches and uses the information to win her over. Only to find out she is the daughter of a crime lord and now must bring him down without blowing his cover

TV show (comedy): this is an hour long show that features a show within a show. The most popular comedy in the world is about 6 friends. But when the cameras are off, the real drama begins. You watch the actors portraying their character, and their characters character. (this sounded a lot better in my head).

A Hero Complex: (Action Comedy) Leo Carter is the assistant to the biggest star in the world. Best known for playing the most popular superhero on the planet. When Leo actually gets super powers these guys must take their heroics to the real world.

Super Mom: (Action Comedy TV Series) A teenage boy obsessed with superheroes is shocked one day when his mom develops superpowers. Being an expert he must now be her mentor/confidant in her new life as their towns new superhero.

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