Last month MTV announced they were launching MTV Studios, where the network would start remaking MTV classics for a new generation. On top of that, the network would then start shopping these reincarnations of our old favorites to streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and more. When this information first came out, our first thought was "who wants to watch old, trashy MTV shows rebooted?" But then we quickly realized, what the world really needs. And that's a MTV subscription service that would house the classic MTV shows we watched, along with these new reboots they want to make. Imagine, a subscription service where you could catch new episodes of Celebrity Deathmatch featuring Taylor Swift versus Katy Perry or the Rock and Tyrese duke out their Fast and Furious feud. Not only that, but you can also check out some classic Daria episodes or take a stroll down memory lane with Headbanger's Ball. Check out some of the shows we would want to watch again on this subscription service.

Daria- The service has already announced that new episodes of Daria are on the way, written by a writer from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Inside Amy Shumer, but what we really want to see is the classics episodes as well as the original satirical humor of Daria dealing with dreaded millennials.

Made- This was a show that almost always left you with a great warm, fuzzy feeling when a person was able to accomplish their goals. I still remember some of my favorite episodes, and always loved watching people accomplish their dreams. Check out this episode where the girl wanted to turn into a metal screamer, featuring Alissa White-Glutz (The Agonist at the time, now Arch Enemy)

Parental Controls- A show where your parents pick who they want their kids to date, and then the kids decide if their parents really know what their kid wants. I always loved how judgemental those parents could be.

Real World- This show was basically for the first reality show and I still had some favorite seasons, like Hawaii and Las Vegas. I remember how much I loved Ruthie on the show, and then I saw how she had some serious problems. I loved how this show dealt with some serious, real world issues that young people were going through in their own lives. And the hook ups. Plus I'd love to relive some of those great fashions.

True Life- This is a show they should reboot and give us some new episodes! True Life: I'm a Youtube celeb, Bachelor producer, Video game addict and more! Plus I had no idea OCD was a thing before watching that show.

My Super Sweet 16- I loved watching these ridiculously rich, bratty teens flip out over their dress not being perfect, not getting the car they wanted and other first world problems. They could also reboot their show just off of the rich instagram kids these days.

The Osbournes- Watching Ozzy ad Jack's World Detour makes me realize how much I love this family and fell in love with them during their reality show.

Celebrity Deathmatch- The old episodes were great, but think about how many great, new episodes we could get now! Mama June vs. Abby Lee, all the famous Lil rappers in a battle royale, Kim Kardashian vs Taylor Swift and Kanye West vs new MAGA Kanye.

2Gether- This is how I learned my caucus, because U+Me=US. If you don't know this, please watch the included video thanks.

Headbanger's Ball- There were some GREAT classic episodes you can re-watch, plus some new episodes we would all love to watch! Even featured episodes at all the major rock and metal festivals all over the world.

Beavis and Butthead- When they remade this show it was great! Let's just keep remaking it and bringing back the classics.

What other shows would you want to see brought back and made new, or old classics you'd like to see again?

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