San Diego Comic-Con is known to be a gathering of people across all fandoms where they can meet and hear from some of their favorite writers, actors, artists and more! While many attend to check out some of the highly anticipated panels, others enjoy just walking around and showing off some of their insane cosplay creations. Fans of various genres have always dressed up as their favorite characters, but costumes have become insanely more detailed and intricate.

Cosplay creators have become stars themselves, with many people loving their creations and their attention to detail. Many painstakingly re-create looks from various movies, comics, board games, video games, books, anime and more. Some costumes are exact replicas of the originals, while others take a humorous take on them by meshing together different ideas (Thanos outfit on Grimace from last year). We took a look at some of the different outfits and compiled here a list of some of the outfits we thought were the coolest from this year's event. Maybe start thinking about what you want to be for Halloween this year.

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