This morning we were talking about the first time Marilyn Manson was on MTV. And it wasn't for his music. We all know and love Marilyn Manson and are familiar with his signature style. The pale face, red lips and dramatic makeup are a staple of his look, but there's a video online that shows Manson way back in the day before we knew his name. When MTV used to actually show music videos, there was a show called "Hanging With MTV."  On the show, bands would come in to chat with the hosts in front of a studio audience, backstage at some of the hottest festivals and even in their tour buses or homes.

On one show, host John Norris was interviewing a fan in the audience that may look familiar if you're a Marilyn Manson fan. A young Brian Warner was interviewed about his MTV VJ crush and why he was in the Big Apple. In my opinion, he could have gone without the makeup for his career and still looked great. But this may also explain my crush on Kylo Ren.

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