In honor of the mighty Gojira, we named this list of heaviest drum parts after them! Check out our picks for the heaviest and most brutal drum parts in metal history.

There are plenty of dynamics that make a drum part heavy, separate from the other instruments in a song. Blast beats are a good place to start, but mixing your blasts with vicious rhythmic fills brings your heaviness up a few notches. Take Gojira’s “The Heaviest Matter of the Universe” or Suffocation’s “Pierced From Within” as solid examples.

Your drum parts don’t need to fly at 100mph to be heavy. Plodding pieces like Mastodon’s “March of the Fire Ants” make the world seem like it’s coming down upon your head. All you need is to smash those ride cymbals and throw in a few drum rolls to create something larger than life.

Production is key when bringing drum heaviness to monstrous levels. Drummers like Nile’s George Kollias practically wakes the dead with his drum sound on “Shall Rise / Shall Be Dead,” while Pantera’s Vinnie Paul always took his sound to a heavier level live, making his snare sound like a cannon blast on songs like “Slaughtered.”

Check out our picks for the 15 Heaviest Drum Parts of the Universe in the Loud List above.

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