Let me give a brief set-up and then, if you’re interested, watch the trailer

“Yesterday” is an upcoming movie directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) about a world where no one remembers that the Beatles ever existed…EXCEPT for one guy and he gets rich and famous by passing off Beatles' songs as his own.

Yeah, yeah…this is kind of a goofy central premise. But, so was the Ricky Gervais movie The Invention of Lying (where the world is like ours except people were incapable of lying) and I really liked that movie!

Ok, here’s the trailer, my comments are below.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you could go back in time and come up with an awesome idea before the actual inventor or creator ever thought of it? Could you do it or would you just feel like a complete phony even if no one else knew?

Before seeing the trailer, I wondered if the movie was going to explore the idea that Paul, John, George and Ringo were all still alive but had never become famous. Like, he meets an elderly Paul who worked his whole life as a janitor and that makes the protagonist feel like a complete s***-heel? OHH! OHH! OR…what if he meets an older John Lennon who was never famous and therefore never got shot by a crazed fan?!?! Well, the trailer actually touches on this when the protagonist is being interviewed by James Cordon who announces that “two men” claim THEY wrote the songs. We see to sets of legs (one of them barefoot, just like Paul was on the Abbey Road cover). But, in that exact same scene, the protagonist is playing Something. That’s a George Harrison composition. So…is George cool with it? OR, did he actually die of cancer already just like in our timeline??? And WHERE is Ringo?? WHERE…IS…RINGO??

I’m sorry. I’m obviously geeking out about my favorite band of all time. What do you think, though? Is this a movie you would be interested in seeing?

I guess the only positive of a world where no one had ever heard of The Beatles is that it would also be a world where no one had ever heard Yoko Ono sing. So, glass half full, I guess.

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