According to former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar, original bassist Michael Anthony was contacted about an classic lineup reunion. Rumors of a Van Halen reunion tour have been circulating for months, but Hagar isn’t sure if Van Halen management was completely serious or just putting out feelers.

Hagar spoke about a phone call Michael Anthony received roughly six months ago. “He got a call six months ago from [Van Halen’s] management saying, 'Are you interested?' And he said, 'Yeah. I'm doing a record with Sammy right now. We're booking shows, so you'd have to work around it.' And they said, 'Okay. We'll get back to you.' And that was it. I can tell you that much,” Hagar told Eddie Trunk.

Hagar and Anthony are currently working together in The Circle, an all-star band playing classics from their respective discographies. The Circle are planning to release their debut album of original material, Space Between, later this year.

“I told Mike, 'If this happens, you freakin' have my blessings. You go do this. You're a founding member in that band.' And for the fans, he needs to do it. He is the missing element right now,” Hagar says.

“If you want my opinion, without Mike, it just doesn't seem quite the same. Mikey, he's the flag bearer — he walks out there with the flag, the VH flag. He holds it high, like the guy in the cavalry. And he's a special guy and he has my blessings,” says Hagar. [via Blabbermouth]

Wolfgang Van Halen, son of Eddie Van Halen, played bass with the iconic band starting in 2006, when the group went their separate ways with Anthony.

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