Alter Bridge fans will be excited to know that the band is planning to release its sixth studio album later this year. Guitarist Mark Tremonti shared the news in a new interview and opened up a bit about the direction of the effort.

In an interview with Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio, Tremonti shares the release plan for the follow-up to 2016’s The Last Hero, “I think the plan is to have it out this fall. I think maybe October is kind of the target.”

The guitarist has been demoing song ideas and riffs while out on the road with Tremonti. “I’m in the process now where I’m up till four in the morning every night writing, writing, writing,” he says. “I’ll be recording demos and whatnot, so once we get off this tour...”

As for the direction of Alter Bridge’s new music, Tremonti explains he’s “trying to come from a different place.” He continues, “It’s hard to explain. I’m trying to make it not be the same. We always try to reinvent ourselves with every record. Right now, it’s a little early, cause me and Myles Kennedy haven’t gotten together. So far, it’s been me writing stuff and Myles writing stuff, and when we come together and combine the stuff, we really see what its gonna sound like. But, I’m trying to make it sound a little different than it has in the past. We’ll see how it turns out.” Listen to the entire interview below.

In an interview with My Global Mind last year, Kennedy explained how he and Tremonti comb through material to record, “Mark and I tent to come up with a lot of ideas that we throw up against the wall to see what will stick.” He added, “The songs we pick will decide the mood of the record and we won’t know that until April.”

As we previously reported, Alter Bridge will head into the studio next month, following Tremonti’s tour, to begin recording their sixth album. The guitarist says, "We're gonna go into studio in March and April. And then after that, I go back on tour with Tremonti and then go back on tour with Alter Bridge this winter.”

Frontman Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti both had successful years in 2018 with their respective solo efforts (which made our 30 Best Hard Rock Albums of 2018 list). Tremonti released the concept album A Dying Machine, while Kennedy unleashed his debut solo effort, Year of the Tiger, which received acclaim for the work inspired by the death of his father.

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