On this episode of The After Buzz, I talk about:

  • Episode 2 of the Rockstar 101 podcast. It's up now on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts.
  • President Trump's visit to El Paso and confirmation bias. People only want to see the numbers and facts that back up their argument, even if those numbers and facts are wrong, and have been proven incorrect.
  • Slang terms and some of the ones I had growing up.
    • I also talk about how language changes and had morphed through time. We have to accept that, except when it's laziness.
  • And Tom Brady is married to a witch. Rick Wiles, who is a conservative 'kook', claims that Tom Brady is sleeping with a witch and that's the reason for his sustained success.
    • Of course, if you look at the TB12 method, it's not that far off from witchcraft.

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