It's that time of year to watch as many horror movies as possible. For years I wanted to watch one horror movie every day throughout the month of October. And a couple years ago I accomplished the feat.

Well, considering we're already over half way through the month, watching that many movies can be difficult. And maybe you're looking for some underrated horror gems to watch for the first time this year. Ranker has a list just for you. And number one on the list is my go-to every Halloween movie. Trick 'r Treat. A great movie that takes place on Halloween that intertwines four separate stories in a small Ohio town. GREAT movie. I can't recommend it enough for Halloween.

Here is Ranker's list:

  1. Trick 'r Treat
  2. The Crow
  3. Idle Hands
  4. House of 1000 Corpses
  5. Monster House
  6. Silver Bullet
  7. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
  8. Ginger Snaps
  9. Night of Demons
  10. House II: The Second Story
  11. May
  12. Lady in White
  13. Trick or Treat (different than the number one movie)
  14. Halloween III: Season of the Witch
  15. Dark Knight of the Scarecrow
  16. Return of the Living Dead: Rave from the Grave
  17. The Pumpkin Karver
  18. Mischief Night
  19. Extra Curricular Work: Paul Lynde Halloween Special
  20. Murder Party
  21. Slugs
  22. The Collingswood Story


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