Tony Romo just wants to compete. And while his body might not be able to take the physical toll that comes with the game of football, he is taking his talents to the golf course.

At least, that is until he has to catch a flight. Romo was competing in the NTPGA Players Tour event at Bridlewood Golf Club, but had to withdraw after lengthy weather delays because he had to catch a flight.

Was he in contention when he withdrew? No. He was at +11 through just 27 holes. The winner of the event was Toni Hakula who was 16 UNDER par. And just how much did Hakula take home? Let's just say it's not quite major money. Hakula took home a whopping $4,400.00 for winning the event.

Romo had a couple scores at this event that I might see on my score card. He had a quintuple bogey on the 10th hole, to go along with a triple bogey on number 5.


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