A retirement home in the UK has received backlash after their "entertainment" for residents one day included pole dancers.

A nursing home in Dorset, England has received criticism after allowing strippers to perform for their residents. City council members have said that they believed the choice in entertainment was "inappropriate," but workers stand by their decision. Elderly residents of the Fairmile Grange care home participated in an afternoon activity of viewing a group of pole dancers showing off their skills. The operations and quality director for Fairmile Grange, Izzy Nicholls, said the residents chose the activity:

"At Fairmile Grange, relatives and residents requested more modern-style activities. Residents were given several choices of activity and specifically chose for a local pole dancing company to perform. (Encore Care Homes) are proud to challenge stereotypes and will continually offer our residents the choice to experience appropriate, new and progressive activities."

Even though the residents of the care home , Counselor Peter Hall says he still believes it was inappropriate.

“It’s not really the sort of entertainment I would have thought that the residents wanted or would have encouraged."

Katie Henry, owner of Pole Dance Factory that provided the dancers, says her dancers went to the retirement home to give residents another form on entertainment:

"There are different styles of pole dancing, but the style performed at Fairmile Grange was gymnastic and to music with a 1950s and ’60s theme. Pole dancing is a very popular sport which gives participants confidence and did not discriminate against anyone."

Many on social media are praising the care home and pole dancers for letting the residents have a choice and enjoy themselves with the performances. Check out some of the photos from the Fairmile Grange Care Home here and check out the video below.

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