The headline doesn't do this full story justice at all because it simply starts with the guy calmly smoking a cigarette while he's trapped under a subway train.

For some reason this guy was on the tracks in the morning with the B train coming in. They tried to get him out, but instead he just ducked under the tracks and calmly smoked a cigarette while there's a train above him.

Then, the train pulls out and he calmly climbs out. THEN, when the fire department shows up, the dude just calmly walks away like it's no big deal. "Nothing to see here, I do this every day" apparently.

Clearly the guy isn't quite right in the head, since he starts dancing and pelvic bumps the train when the fire fighters finally go to ask him a few questions. But did you notice something else? It looks like this guy is cleaning the garbage that's down on the tracks. Well played, sir.

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