A 16 year-old kid in Wayland, Michigan started choking, and his mom sprung into action. The only problem was she didn't have access to a phone but did have access to the Internet.

So she sent a Facebook message to the Wayland Fire Department. Well, the Wayland MASSACHUSETTS Fire Department. Thankfully, despite the mix up, the proper fire department was reached and the son was saved.

It's not clear why the woman wasn't able to Heimlich by herself or why she had the Internet but no phone, but thankfully for her, the fire department in Massachusetts was on the ball, and when the message came through, they hopped on  the phone and reached out to the Wayland Michigan Fire Department.

“The woman said her 16-year-old son was choking, she was unable to perform the Heimlich,” said Wayland, Mass. firefighter Patrick Walkinshaw. “She listed her address, which immediately got our attention because it wasn’t an address in Wayland, Massachusetts.”

Of course, authorities say to use 911 in case of an emergency, and not Facebook, but hey, if that's all you got, use it.

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