The video is actually called "The Funniest News BLOOPERS of August 2016". But, is it really a "blooper" when one anchor is dressed as a cup of coffee and the other anchor, dressed as a donut, tries to dunk himself inside her? It may be "funny" but I don't think it meets the strict definition of "a blooper".

This is a highlight reel, but here are my highlights of the highlights...

:38-Reporter is startled when a woman, or possibly a man in drag, walks into the shot and starts babbling jibberish

2:04-Reporter is doing a shot outside and a guy with a leaf blower is drowning out everything she says.

This is one I sympathize with. Our studios are on the ground floor and once a week, without fail, the grounds crew works right outside my window. They use every piece of power equipment ever made. And it goes on for what seems like hours. Every week.

5:58- The snippy weather man who is about to lose his "S" every time the camera crew pans away from the "tornado". Dude! Chill out! We all saw it AND we know what a tornado looks like already!

8:32--This is, by far, the highlight of the highlights. A kid calls out a reporter on his BS media lies!! You tell him, kid! The revolution WILL NOT BE TELEVISED!

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