Keith Habersberger is one of the Try Guys whose videos have garnered billions of views across all social media platforms. In his recent episode of the series #EatTheMenu, Keith sets out to eat everything on the Whataburger menu. First of all, that sounds amazing. Second of all, I want Whataburger now. He sent out a Tweet to let all his viewers know that the video was ready. Happily, with a side of fries and Spicy Ketchup, we all watched as Keith dove into our favorites.

If you ask me, a born and raised Texan, I think Keith has spent way too much time in California. His final review? "Underwhelming." How. Dare. He?! If you were feeling irate with his total response to everything he ate, you were not alone. Lot's of responses, especially Texans, asked the one thing we all were thinking: Why didn't you try Whataburger in Texas? (Apparently, the one he got his food from was in Arizona).

If it still didn't sit well with you that he didn't try it in Texas, he did let us know that he'd be traveling to Austin in the next month, and bonus: he's letting us choose five things for him to retry.

And because, here in Texas our motto is "Friendship" Whataburger reached out to Keith:

In the end, I think he did learn one thing: Don't mess with Texas- and don't mess with our Whataburger.

Your move now, Habersberger.

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