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I don't know about you, but the second the weather finally drops below 70 degrees here in Texas, I'm ready for the ultimate comfort food: chili. Spicy, savory, hot and satisfying. Personally, I'm okay with beans, but I completely empathize with the Texas chili purists who are not. Honestly, beans are just filler and don't add that much.

Whataburger, the national burger of Texas, has released the perfect burger for fall weather. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce their all-new Chili Cheese Burger:


My mouth is literally watering. I've been on a diet and I could just die for that burger. I could probably use the iron, too, as standing up continues to be an adventure.

The no-bean chili folks will love that this burger not only has no beans, but tons of extra beef with those two hamburger patties. For me, chili is at its best garnished with cheddar, onions and mustard. As you can see in the above photo, Whataburger already anticipated my needs. And to take it just one more step into the perfect-for-Texas burger championship, the Chili Cheese Burger also has corn chips on it as well for a delicious crunch.

Whataburger has saved my life countless times, and for that I owe them a tremendous debt.

Starving at 3 a.m.? Whataburger is there for you with a healing taquito. Hopelessly hung over the next day? Whataburger will make it all go away with a delicious burger. Need some comfort? How about chicken strips and gravy.

Whataburger is love. Whataburger is life. And Whataburger is TEXAS.

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