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Yesterday I decided to stop at one of our fine Whataburger establishments and grab some dinner after work. Now let me warn you, this may not be a popular article with some of you Whataburger fans.

Let me first say that I love Whataburger. I've been eating it as long as I have lived in Texas. One of my favorite things is the Dr Pepper milkshake. (Mmm...although I can't have too many of them because they go straight to my ass and thighs.) ;)

I also love Whataburger ketchup, especially their spicy ketchup. But there's one thing that has always bothered me. Why haven't they improved the way the ketchup packets open?

I asked for a couple of spicy ketchup packets for my French fries. Here's one of the packets. We all know they've had the same packets for years now.

Chris Austin, Townsquare Media

When I pulled by the peel, this happened. Does this sometimes happen to you as well?

Chris Austin, Townsquare Media

Sometimes the packet strip doesn't peel back all at once as you can see. Sometimes, you'll only get part of it to peel.

How many times have you gotten ready to dip your fries in your packet and only a little part of the strip peels back? It's frustrating. Now you have to peel back the rest and then you get ketchup on your fingers because you have to reach under the rest of the strip to peel it back.

So who's in charge of the ketchup packet department? Why hasn't this been fixed? Certainly we've made some advances in the area of ketchup packets over the years.

Tell me what do you think? Do you have problems with this? Maybe I'm doing it wrong or something. Do you have a better way to peel back Whataburger ketchup packets? Tell us on Facebook or chat with us on our station app.

By the way, I had better luck with my second ketchup packet, so maybe all is not lost with me.

Chris Austin, Townsquare Media

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