Chicken biscuit anyone? Maybe a taquito, bacon or sausage with salsa verde? THIS is what is for breakfast for Leo and Rebecca in the morning. A big thank you to our friends from Whataburger, it was delicious! Don't forget that you can hit up Whataburger at any time for more yummy food like this and like me, download that Whata app for free. 

With the Whataburger app, you can get reward points for free food, order food to pick up curbside if you don't feel like waiting in the drive-thru. Also while you are getting your Whataburger fix, don't forget to grab a giftcard for the first responder, teacher, healthcare worker or just anyone in your life that loves food! They have them available for purchase. Click here to download the Whataburger app and check out the Whatastore for merch.



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