There's a fast food chain where you can work your way up from the bottom and even make well over $100,000 at your job!

There's one fast food chain that's known for not only a simple, yet delicious menu but for the great way they treat their employees. Many argue whether In-N-Out or Whataburger has the better burger, but the decision may be pretty easy who pays their managers the better salary. The California Sun is reporting that the California food chain pays their managers a whopping $160,000 a year on average! That's triple what the average restaurant manager makes and more than the average software engineer, lawyer or architect working in the state makes. And it's not just the wages, even the benefits are better too!

The average worker starts at an impressive $13 an hour and the company not only like the promote from within, reviews on Glassdoor show that "you can move up fairly quickly with the company." Glassdoor even ranked the company as the 4th best place to work in the U.S., beating even Google! Workers at In-N-Out do say that the job can indeed get stressful at times but the perks like great pay and great benefits can make up for that. 90% of former employees recommend the company and the company's CEO Lynsi Snyder is the 36th highest rated CEO on Glassdoor. Snyder has a 94% employee approval rating on the site. So maybe the insult flipping burgers the rest of your life isn't such a bad thing if you work at In-N-Out.

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