My girlfriend (wait, now fiancee) complains about this all the time. That I check my phone too frequently during meals. Sometimes this is true, but it's generally during Sunday morning when I'm checking for fantasy football updates. Unfortunately my argument was rendered invalid this year because I didn't even make the playoffs in my money league.

A recent study shows that one out of three people can't go a whole meal without checking their phone. And what's even sadder is that most people say that something that makes a meal more interesting is watching TV, and NOT having a conversation with your family.

I'm the opposite of that. I might check my phone, but meal time is family time. We turn the TV off and engage in conversation. If it's breakfast, we talk about what we're going to do that day. If it's dinner, we talk about how our day went.

If you think your phone is an issue during meals, try what I'm doing. Don't have your phone anywhere near you. Put it in a completely different room. If it's within arms reach, you're more likely to grab it. Of course, football season is a completely different thing.

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