The people behind this report obviously haven't tried driving down I-10 on a Sunday during a closure.

It seems like people spend more and more time driving and stuck in traffic on roadways. Not only does traffic drain you of your precious time, it can also be a drain on your wallet. Traffic in the U.S. costs the average driver $1,400 a year and we even have 11 of the worst cities for traffic. The personal finance website WalletHub released a report looking into which states were the best and worst for you to drive in and Texas came out on top!

Apparently, the people who made this study haven't tried dirving through El Paso on a Sunday when they decide to shutdown the entire westside, or at night when it doesn't what side of town you're driving on, you're most likely going to be running into some sort of closure. Personally, I feel that they just decided we were the biggest state so people had the most room to drive on and less likely to get pulled over because cops aren't able to patrol the vast lands between Fort Stockton and Van Horn that easy.

Using their 23 key metrics, here is how Texas came out on the list:

Driving in Texas (1=Best; 25=Avg.):

  • 28th – Share of Rush-Hour Traffic Congestion
  • 28th – Traffic Fatality Rate
  • 6th – Auto-Repair Shops per Capita
  • 3rd – Avg. Gas Prices
  • 21st – Auto-Maintenance Costs
  • 22nd – Road Quality
  • 2nd – Car Dealerships per Capita

Read more from this report at the WalletHub website.

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