We all love our morning cup of joe, and the more caffeine the better! But which cup of coffee gives you the most caffeine at the best price? We all know how important your morning cup of coffee can be, but we also know that those daily trips to get the coffee can get expensive. So most people want to make sure that they aren't paying an arm and a leg for something that isn't going to help them be up and ready for the day. Obviously, a cup of your favorite roast is going to cost more at Starbucks than McDonald's, but is it really better?

Website Quartzy decided to investigate this further and do the real research us non-morning people really need. Where we should all be heading to make sure we get the best caffeine fix for our buck. Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they type away on computers at tech companies. The website decided to look at four major morning coffee spots (McDonald's, Starbucks, 7-Eleven and Dunkin Donuts) that are also conveniently located near their office. They first looked at the price at each spot for a cup of 16 oz. coffee:

Starbucks - $2.65
Dunkin' Donuts - $2.39
7-Eleven - $2.17
McDonald's - $1.19

At first glance, it looks like McDonald's gives you the best price but that's not what they were looking at. Now we have to see how much caffeine is in each 16 oz. cup of coffee:

Starbucks - 310 milligrams per 16 oz cup
Dunkin' Donuts - 240 milligrams per 16 oz cup
7-Eleven - milligrams per 16 oz cup
McDonald's - milligrams per 16 oz cup

What we really what to know is who gives you the best ratio of caffeine per dollar amount. Here's how each measured out:

7-Eleven - 129 milligrams per dollar
Starbucks - 124.5 milligrams per dollar
McDonald's - 121.8 milligrams per dollar
Dunkin' Donuts - 100.4 milligrams per dollar

Shockingly, 7-Eleven actually has the most caffeine in their 16 oz cup of coffee. Starbucks came in close behind it with only a 5.5 milligram per dollar difference. Farthest down on the list was Dunkin' Donuts which barely broke the 100-milligram mark. This doesn't take into account if a different roast or blend is used and there are other variables, but it's a pretty good base. Now I want to see the study on which one tastes the best.

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