Here's a good reason for you to get off your butt and head out to your local venue for a rocking show!  As people get older, heading out to a show can become more of a chore than an enjoyable experience. Long lines, crowded bathrooms, expensive beer and just the hassle of leaving your home can seem like too much. But a new study by a behavior science expert is giving us old farts a new reason why we should head out to shows more often- it’s good for you! O2 and Goldsmith University's Associate Lecturer Patrick Fagan explained in a new study that regularly going out to concerts can actually help you live longer. The study found that heading to a gig for just 20 minutes led to a feeling of well-being being up a whopping 21% in participants.

Researchers also noted that the study participants responded by noting increased feelings after attended a show of self-worth (25%), closeness to others (25%) and mental stimulation (75%).  The study noted that there was a positive correlation between regularly going to shows and a feeling of well-being. Additional research also showed that the high levels of well-being were directly linked to a lifespan increase of nine years. So head out to as many concerts as you can, because all those rock shows are actually good for you. Just Uber so you don't become Buzz complaining about finding parking.

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