A computer science blogger recently discovered an inventive, although not discreet way to hide from facial recognition software. Facial recognition software is a new reality many people are living with, and many people fear this new, strange technology. Not only is this new technology foreign to many, but it can also be inaccurate. The inaccuracies of the technology tend to affect minorities more than white males, and the technology may not even be legal! The use of the facial recognition software has raised concerns of how its use for surveillance could violate civil rights. In China, the technology is used is already being used for mass surveillance. This is leading many ordinary citizens to ask what they can do to protect themselves against being unjustly watched by Big Brother.

One computer science blogger thinks he may have the solution for you- wear Juggalo makeup. Twitter user @tahkion runs a computer science blog WonderHowTo and he recently made the discovery of how people get get by the software. He put his findings up in a tweet that blew up online,

The facial recognition software works by "pinpointing specific areas of contrast on the human face, like where a person's eyes or nose are. However juggle makeup involves black paint below the mouth and covering the chin." One thing it won't work on though? Apple's FaceID. Apple's technology uses depth perception instead of light so you would still get recognized by it.

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