Is Walmart doing the devil’s bidding? Relax, we’re not talking about its associates policy or pricing strategies. A Forth Worth, Texas customer took her car in for an oil change at the retailer – is there nothing Walmart can’t do or sell, which would make it omnipotent and godlike?- and emerged with Satanic symbols on the undercarriage.

According to the local CBS station, the woman, who is referred to simply as “Jessica,” interacted with a mechanic with “attitude.” He was an MWA — mechanic with attitude. He can start his own Satanic rap group. Sorry, we’re getting off topic here. She claims this mechanic drew a 666, an upside down cross and a pentagram, all symbols associated with Satan and heavy metal bands, with a blue sealant.

She wasn’t made ware of the symbols until another mechanic at a separate location pointed them out later, who recognized the sealant used by the discount mega retailer at most car stations. There wasn’t a clear explanation as to why the mechanic take such a course of action, other than being in league with Lucifer and perhaps tiffing with Jess when she initially brought her wheels in for servicing.

“Who does that?” Jessica said. “I mean, what if it’s a curse?”

Jess, honey, it’s not a curse. It’s just a couple of scary symbols meant to invoke a little fear. It’s not like he’s sacrificing virgins… or is he?

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