Well-known good guy and boy next door Keanu Reeves sat down with GQ to talk about his small motorcycle collection and new projects he's working on. In news you may not have known, Keanu Reeves is owner of a motorcycle shop in California called Arch Motorcycles. He recently sat down with GQ magazine to give them a look inside of the shop and at some of his favorite bikes that he owns. Keanu has been riding motorcycles since the mid 1980s, and discusses the first time he learned how to ride a bike when he was filming a movie overseas. Keanu also talks about how he even got to take his hobby of riding motorcycles into films and talks about a scene in John Wick 3. During the fight scene, Keanu Reeves was able to use his motorcycle riding skills to good use!

In the video, he also shows off his Ducati bike that was made for the Matrix Reloaded movies and was featured in the film! Check out all the awesome facts and see some of his favorite bikes in the video above.

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