An inmate from a Beaumont, Texas prison escaped the facility, just to sneak right back in with some contraband. Or at least tried to.

If you escape from prison, would ever sneak right back in? And what would you leave in the first place for?

A prisoner from a Beaumont federal prison was caught this week in a pasture by Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies and U.S. Marshals. 25 year-old Joshua Hansen from Dallas is in the facility for narcotics charges and was captured after he was seen around 7:30 p.m. running across a property adjacent to the prison to retrieve a duffel bag that was dropped off by a car earlier in the evening. He was caught during a joint surveillance effort by the U.S. Marshals and Jefferson County Sheriff's, due to the sheer amount of inmates that continue to escape the jail, just to grab contraband to bring back into the facility. Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Marcus McLellan says that non-violent offenders and inmates on work release have walked off from the federal facility "pretty much since Day 1."

So what items were so important that Hansen risked getting additional charges and jail time against him?

The duffel bad contained chicken sausage, salty snacks, bottles of brandy, home-cooked foods, fruit, packaged snacks, and multiple bags of Bugler tobacco. Hansen is now facing additional charges of escape and possession of marijuana.

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