It's funny how something like a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE can sneak up on you. Despite the fact we've known about it happening for years, there are people who still aren't prepped for it. Here in Texas, don't worry about missing out on this eclipse. We'll have another one pass right over head in seven years.

Today's (August 21st, 2017) solar eclipse is a total eclipse. Meaning the whole sun is blacked out. There is also an annular eclipse. This is one is creepier, because it's like the movie The Ring. The way the Earth, Moon and Sun are positioned during an annular eclipse, the moon isn't big enough to cover the entire sun. So as it goes in front of the sun, you'll still have the sun peaking around the moon. Which makes it look like the picture above, or like the scene from The Ring. And quite frankly, that terrifies me.

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