The news is finally out- Buzz Adams suffered injuries after running into a wall on a motorized bike. Find out why here.

So finally on Friday we let everyone know the real reason Buzz wasn't at work Friday. Buzz was playing on a new motorized bike he purchased when he crashed into a wall at his house. Buzz said that running into the wall was an accident but I have my own theories as to why this happened.

  1. He was trying to join the Night's Watch- He wanted to see if Jon Snow and the rest of the Avengers crew were still North of the wall chasing white walkers.
  2. He tried to get on Platform 9 3/4- Didn't realize he was a muggle and they wouldn't let him go to Hogwarts.
  3. He wanted to tear down his wall- it worked well for Pink, not so much for Buzz.
  4. He was showing Donald Trump that we have enough walls in the Borderland- At least he was successful showing Trump how effective walls can be at keeping people out. Effective and painful.
  5. He thought only Humpty Dumpty could have a great fall- lucky for him he didn't need all the kings horses and all the kings men to put his mouth back together. A couple good dental surgeons should be able to do the trick.
  6. He was practicing for the X Games- Listen, Buzz is always trying to find the cool, new "hip" thing to do. Maybe he wanted to try extreme sports out, not realizing the only extreme thing he does is launch food and spit great distances while in the studio.

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