Seven years seems like a lot of time to wait for the next solar eclipse. But relatively speaking, it's not that bad. Although, eclipses happen probably more than you would think. They just don't happen in the United States every year.

The last total eclipse of the sun happened just over a year ago on March 9, 2016. We just weren't able to see it on this side of the planet. What makes this eclipse special is that all 50 states will have some sort of black out of the sun, and the path of totality goes directly across the United State from Oregon to Georgia.

The path of the eclipse that's happening in seven years will take it directly over Texas. Here in West Texas, we won't get a 100% black out, but it'll be close. And even then, you can just drive east a little bit to get into the path of totality. Some of the cities that'll get a total eclipse will be San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

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